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People often consult astrologers, psychics and mediums looking for a "quick fix." Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a "quick fix." However, astrology is extremely useful in that it is a reliable "timing tool" as well as being able to provide insights into the inner workings of the mind. C.G. Jung, the famous Swiss psychoanalyst, never took on patients for analysis without looking at their birth charts. Every individual's major "life challenges" are identifiable in  a horoscope which is, therefore, a useful tool for every psychotherapist. Many in the medical profession have also long been interested in astrology, whether they admit it openly or not.

A vihuela de arco, a Renaissance stringed instrument made by the luthier Nupi Jenner in Vienna, Austria.

Education in this Field


Self-study and also

several courses

Twentieth-century  English astrologers Jeff Mayo and  Margaret E. Hone in self-study, later greatly influenced by Steven Forrest, Tracy Marks, Stephen Arroyo, Liz Greene, Noel Tyl, Judy Hall and since 2003 most especially by the Munich-based German astrologer, Hermann Meyer.


Arthur Findlay College,

Stansted, UK

Mediumship and healing courses with many highly-qualified

 tutors! Since 2023 "SNU trainee healing medium" at the

SNU (Spiritualists' National Union) in the UK.


College of Psychic Studies, London, UK

Mediumship and healing courses with Judy Hall, Lucy Aumonier, Gary Wright, Gerrie March, and Anthony Kesner.


Seminar on crystals at the Glastonbury Abby, UK

Life changing seminar with the late, great crystal-expert, medium and astrologer, Judy Hall (1943-2021)

Planet with tree ‎that reminds us of The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.
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